Coping during difficult times…


The advent of the Corona virus epidemic has taken all of us by surprise. We want to wish all of you reading this the very best of health.

Saving money during the pandemic?

Times will be tough and are likely to get tougher during much of the rest of 2020. Aside from the very alarming health concerns, it looks like the global economy will take a leg downwards – probably affecting growth in 2021 also. We’ve seen lots of activity here at ReferralCodes in the last couple of weeks, so it looks like online purchases will continue their inexorable growth as a share of consumers’ expenditure. Every penny and cent will count, so we encourage you to make the most of referral schemes if you are thinking of making a purchase.

Maybe more importantly for financial belt-tightening, letting others find and use your own personal referral code could be a great way to earn a little extra cash, or credit, in this challenging new era. So have a look in your old emails for companies or online shops that have encouraged you to share your purchase via a referral – share that code or link here at and maybe some others can get some benefit.

Money Saving Tips During Corona?

Do you have some good ideas on how to save money? Please share your ideas in the forum section at

Be safe, and be healthy. Best wishes from Referral Codes


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