Exchanging Referrals?

Exchange referral codes and links with others? Could it work?

At ReferralCode towers we often think how the whole world of referrals can improve and become more efficient. Really, referrals could become the true democratisation of consumption. Perhaps similar to what the internet dot-come envisaged back in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Exchanging referrals in a digital bazaar

So imagine if you will, a world where your referral interactions are all rewarded. If there is a benefit created for the company or shop, then surely it is fair that you also benefit in a small way? Right now, word of mouth is purely goodwill based. There is nothing wrong with this at all, in fact it reflects particularly well on the company or product being referred, but we believe in other areas, where companies actively pay for new customers (for example through what is called ‘affiliate’ networks, or distributed advertisements online), then the stand-up citizens currently referring should also get a bonus. Do you agree?

Such rewards might not necessarily be ‘cash’ based. In fact some people do find being paid for something they didn’t need paying for a little distasteful. What if the reward was donated to a charity favoured by that referrer? This could be a wonderful way to gain from referrals, as well as helping others. Of course, many people would happily receive the cash reward or other upgrade that are typically offer. But the choice of type of referral reward is always superior, and this is something we are working on here at ReferralCodes.

Shortly, we will be launching a referral forum where everyone can discuss referrals. And also request them. Many companies only offer discounts through referral schemes. Tesla is a good example. In the past, they had offer over $1000 discount for new purchases. This was very successful, with some Tesla owners even setting up their dedicated websites – how about that for motivation? The referral reward is now in the form of ‘benefit in kind’, in form of cheaper/free charging of the vehicles. Another excellent benefit from referrals, and a great example of how successful a referral scheme can be.


Handy by-product of rewards are smiles

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