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If you have received a refer-a-friend invite from a company, shop or service, it is difficult to know what exactly to do with it. Often, referral schemes can be very generous, including a benefit for both the user and the provider. However, what on earth do you do with them? You can ‘spam’ your friends or other contacts. You can add them to random forums and hope someone sees them. The chance of them being used unfortunately is quite low.

The answer, in our humble opinion, is to share them on a specific service designed for sharing them. And that’s why we set up ReferralCodes.

Referral sharing on top of the world

It is simple to create a free page on ReferralCodes where you can share all your referral links. This page is unique to you and you can include all types of schemes in there. Just add them and they’ll appear on your page. The real beauty is your page can be shared itself, as it has a unique web address (or URL as the more technical readers will understand). This is your page, permanently. You can therefore store all your referrals on there, and your friends and contacts and anyone else can see your referrals and use them.

So let’s get this really clear people! Next time you see a referral scheme, don’t ignore it. You can benefit from it. Upload it into your account at ReferralCodes (remember completely free, and always will be to open one) and others will be able to see it. You won’t need to ‘spam’ your friends with an offer they’re not interested in. You can even add it to the footer of your email! Many referrals schemes are wonderfully generous – those companies want new customers and business, so they’re effectively recruiting you, an existing customer, as a sales agent. With minimum effort you can amplify your sales via

Become a digital road warrior now! To open your free account, just click here


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