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Whenever we came across a new refer a friend scheme, that contained some sort of link or referral, it was very hard to think immediately who would want to use it. In other words, who could we share that link with, without, hopefully, resorting to spamming friends and other contacts on Facebook or email.

At the same time, whenever looking for a referral discount, it was completely non-obvious where you would need to start. In addition, there are many many referral schemes that don’t lend themselves to sharing online. Gyms are a good example that spring to mind, or local businesses. These are classic ‘offline’ operations that are more used to in person referrals. This old school approach works in a very limited way.

Here at ReferralCodes HQ, we thought there had to be a smarter way to bring all these initiatives together. So firstly, we set up ReferralCodes where links and codes can be stored and shared. And now we are introducing a unique forum where anything to do with referrals can be shared and discussed. From requests, to problems, to success stories, to questions, to halleluias! We’re introducing our sister-site, Again, completely free to use!



October 16, 2019 @ 13:36

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