Referral pie

Sharing a reward? Would you? Yes, No?

Would you consider sharing your referral rewards with others? If they did the same?


Referral Sharing

Sharing referral rewards could be very smart…

So, you’re about to use a referral link from a friend… should you give them something extra?

As you will see at, there are 1000s of referral schemes out there. Some of them giving great discounts. But not always to both parties! There are rewards to both the ‘giver’ and the ‘receiver’ of the link or code. Each person normally gets a discount as a result. However, it is not always the same. We’ve analysed all the discounts, and normally the ‘giver’ gets a bigger incentive. Here at ReferralCodes mountain retreat, we wonder if that is always the right balance. Maybe you should be able to split the bonus in a different way.

The “referral pie”

If you had the choice of a big slice from a small pie, or a small slice from an enormous pie which would you choose? Instinctively you might choose the first. But maybe the second option makes more sense. For referral schemes it’s often no clear how big the pie is! Are you still with me? So, for example in one scheme we have seen the ‘giver’ get a really big cash incentive, but the ‘receiver’ not very much at all. Is this fair? What is ‘fair’? Who is to decide that?

Sharing the bonus – your way

You want fries with that? Extra tomato? Hold the mayo? Aren’t we used to doing things exactly how want? It’s therefore a little curious that the incentive schemes set by a company or service are fixed. We believe a better way would be for individuals to decide how they share the incentive. Of course, if you’re too greedy you might miss out on people using your code. If you’re too generous, there is not much incentive for you… but perhaps even more people will use it. The small slice of that bigger pie. We think you should be able to choose.

Referrals a la carte

Our vision is to let everyone decide how much to incentivise others. Not the company. You. It can be your experiment. Overtime, it will probably become clear. But let’s say you could really do with some referral rewards right now – you could choose to give away 90% of the referral incentive. That would get a lot of new ‘receivers’ interested – friends, family and other contacts. Remember on your referrals page here at ReferralCodes you can store all your referrals

The future of referrals

Ok, for sure, referrals have come a long way. There is a lot to be gained for everyone by using referrals. It’s word of mouth from the good old days going online. But how to cut the pie? That’s not been done very well. Many companies or service providers just stick with the original idea at the beginning – it’s hard for them to test it, and it can get confusing if there are too many options. So, we are working on a new way to do it. One that will let you share the referral rewards anyway you like. Stay tuned for more, and let us know your thoughts!

Referral pie

Referrals can be shared equally… right pup?

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