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Where to Share your Referral Code?

It can be tricky to know where to share your referral code or link. Many people have shared them on email, or on Facebook, Twitter,  or on forums like Reddit. You’ll also find them in all sorts of specialist forum sites where users encourage others to use their codes. However, it’s not easy and most of the time people are not looking to use a referral code at the time it is shared. But some do manage success. This was really the reason why we created We decided there must be a better way for people to share their referrals in a way that is easy and free. Which it is!

Growth of referrals in recent years

In the last few years referral marketing has become perhaps the most popular way for websites and apps to promote their business or service. The so-called ‘user acquisition cost’ is lower. This is because, in short, they use their users as their own sales force – helping spread the word to friends and contacts. Of course, it is very useful if there is an additional incentive, although many people will of course share a positive experience with a company they have bought a product from even without a referral bonus.

Growing by bonus

Most often there is an incentive for both sides. Person one who has just bought the product and shares their referral code or link; person two can use the link to buy the product also. Both people can get a benefit, and everybody is pleased. Not least the business or organisation as they have got a new sale or a new member. It really is a genius scheme to grow users or purchasers, and much more cost effective, than say TV advertising which can be very general. Referral marketing is highly targeted in this way.

Problems with this classic approach

As they say in the old advert, “Good but not Great”. Referring someone only tends to work when that person wants that product pretty soon after the first purchase. If they want to buy some make-up six months later, chances are they have lost the code you sent them, can’t even remember you sent them one, or can’t remember who you are (we hope this doesn’t happen too often!). So there are plenty of ways the schemes can stop working. They are clunky, even with the company’s best efforts to send reminder emails and all the rest of it.

Best way to share referrals now

So it’s become a bit difficult to do all this. We’re all bombarded with offers and promotions and maybe our friends had a code or link or something, but we can’t quite remember. In our time pressured world, we have plenty of things to do and we want to get the best deal possible. This is why we created, to help you find and share referrals. We now have the ability to let users put all their referral links and codes in one place. This can be viewed by their friends as well as others, and their page can also be share with their friends. It’s a permanent link, so if ever your friends are looking for any discounts, they can check to help you first!

So come join us!

We have a vision that we can link people together in a meaningful way that gives some of the power back to consumers. So by helping each person gain by referring a product, then they will be able to gain the referral bonuses, share good experiences, and take control back some control as consumers.

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