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The Battle of the Best Food Delivery Referral Schemes

One of the most common phrases we hear nowadays is “Let’s get a Grubhub!” or “Let’s grab a Deliveroo!”. The stay-at-home economy and food delivery revolution shows no signs of abating with the number of competitors growing substantially, seeking to challenge the status quo. Of course, there’s widespread debate over which food delivery company is best! However, here we will discuss our favourite and decide which one of them offers the best referral scheme for you… (depending on where you live!)

United States/Canada

DoorDash is by far the most popular food delivery app on the market, having unseated Grubhub by number of users in 2019. Whilst DoorDash’s referral scheme is *quite* generous, it is not necessarily the most generous. Also, for any of you who love sharing your referrals online, they have a limit of 25 uses you can do this too! Still that could be well over $200 of delivery credits. Yum! Check out our Door Dash referral codes here

Grubhub no longer holds the crown as North America’s most popular food delivery app, second to DoorDash. Nevertheless, in our opinion, it holds the crown for the most generous referral scheme! Grubhub offers $12 off for first time users and there’s no limit to the amount of credit you can receive when you refer someone else. Get referring with GrubHub referrals here.

Finally, another worth mentioning is UberEats. Compared with the other two, it is by far the least generous but from what we see,  BUT they are always offering new codes for current users so it is definitely one not to be missed. For example, as a fellow UberEats user, I (John) received 2 free coupons over the past couple of months!! Oh and it’s also home of McDonalds delivery, so be sure to order that Happy Meal. Check out UberEats referrals codes by clicking here.

Here’s a reminder of the major food delivery schemes in the US in comparison, in early 2020:

Grubhub – $12 off on your first order.

DoorDash – $10 off on your first order.

UberEats – $7 off on your first order.

Most of the North American food delivery apps except UberEats have not yet expanded to many other parts of the world like Europe and hence have not indulged many potential users with their own referral love. We hope that some-day they will have the chance to give users around the world even more options on delivery and especially referrals!!

United Kingdom

Deliveroo right now appears to be the dominant force of takeaways in the UK with UberEats following behind, having both successfully leap-frogged JustEat a few years back.

Interestingly, UberEats referral scheme is very different to the one it offers in North America especially in terms of generosity. Whereas in the US, first time users are only entitled to $7 (£6) off their first order, in the UK, referrals can amount to as much as £15 off a first order depending on how much you spend.

Deliveroo, like UberEats, has become successful at expanding its brand and even more importantly its “referral love” across the world (bar North America) ranging from Europe to Australia to Dubai! It’ll be interesting to see whether in the future, Deliveroo will become a significant disruptor in the North American market or just slot in behind the North American giants. It is only a matter of time before we can tell, though we suspect they will probably merge with one of the existing players. Check out Deliveroo’s referral codes here.

UberEats  –  £10 off a £15 order/£15 off a £20 order

Deliveroo – £10 credit to spend across your first 4 orders.

So with the rise of the delivery economy, we expect referral bonuses to continue, particularly in this time of viruses. Be sure to take advantage of these codes now and share your referrals with us – so your friends and others contacts can benefit. If you want to share other referral codes for any companies not mentioned here, you can do that for free by signing-up here

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